About Us

Jay Dickens and Nik Forester love books and reading and talking about books and reading. Both have published extensively in the technical realm, with literally hundreds of articles and book chapters between them, not a single one (to date) featuring blood-curdling screams, bodice-ripping passion, or foul creatures from the dark dimensions.

Nik's a better writer by far  he knows words like denouement and "monarchy"  but Jay can pull off high heels and sheer stockings like nobody's business, so in the grand scheme of the universe, they feel it all kind of balances out. Needless to say, when their books begin to sell in the millions, Jay will do all the photo shoots.

In addition to their passion for fiction, Jay and Nik share an appreciation of good food and magnificent wine, a delight in pretty places, and an abhorrence of spiders that borders on the absurd.


  1. Must come back to this site from time to time! I like it :-)

  2. What are those cool tools in your side bar with the books>

  3. It's a nifty little progress meter I found at Writertopia: http://www.writertopia.com/toolbox

    Which reminds me, I need to add in the cookbook & show it as 100% complete! Plus another book I've started...