About You

Question 1: If you were stranded on a desert island with a single food and no hope of rescue, would you choose peanuts or potato chips?

Potato chips
Neither, both are unhealthy
How is it that I'm stranded yet I get to select my food option?

Question 2: Which Doctor is the all-time best?

#9, Christopher Eccleston
#10, David Tennant
Either #1-8 or #11, but Jay's only on Season 3 of the 2005 continuation so don't ruin it
Hmmm, either Oz or Phil, I can't decide

Question 3: What's the proper spelling of "endeavor"?

Endeavour, but only to score more points in Scrabble

Question 4: If after breakfast you put your coffee cup into the dishwasher but then decide you'd like another cup, do you?

Open the dishwasher and reuse the dirty cup
Get a clean cup from the cabinet
Go to Starbucks
Who drinks coffee?

Question 5: Who is the best Sherlock Holmes?

Basil Rathbone
Tom Baker
Jeremy Brett
Robert Downey Jr.
Benedict Cumberbatch

Question 6: How do you mostly read books?

Small paperback copies
Hardback or large format copies
An e-ink reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.)
iPad or other tablet
What's a book?

Question 7: Why are you doing this quiz?

It has questions! and buttons! I'm addicted!
What quiz?
I want the prize
A large fish native to the Pacific Ocean

Question 8: Which is the best Star Trek series?

The Original Series
The Animated Series
The Next Generation
Deep Space Nine

Question 9: If you were a digital music player, you'd be an

Apple iPod Classic
Apple iPod Touch
Apple iPod Nano
Apple iPod Shuffle
All of the above

Question 10: Who's the best Bond?

Sherlock Holmes

Question 11: Who are your favourite characters in the Discworld novels?

Rincewind and the Luggage
The Ankh-Morpork City Guards
The Witches
Peter, Paul, and Mary

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