Sunday, February 23, 2014

One book you can judge by its cover!

5:2 fast diet, intermittent fasting
The 5:2 Fast Diet: Breakfast Recipes (buy here for only $0.99!)

When we launched our cookbook a few months ago, Jay turned her artistic efforts to the production of a cover. It was OK, but real didn’t stack up against the professionally-designed covers that pop up in an Amazon results list: and let’s face it, there is the temptation to assume that a book with a substandard cover will have substandard content….

So for the princely sum of $10, Jay commissioned a designer somewhere in Eastern Europe to come up with an alternative. In our poll of cover designs last month, it came out top of the choices that we threw into the mix.

And here it is! Our spanking new cover, which offsets the book to perfection. We’re already storming up the sales rankings on the Amazon UK store, and hopefully this will give us a boost in the US. The book sells almost 50 times faster in the UK than in the US at present!

As ever, all feedback gratefully appreciated.

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