Friday, August 16, 2013

Damn you, Ben Aaronovitch

Listen, dude. Because of you, I’ve stumbled around in a sleepy stupor every morning this week. Because of you, I’ve slurped down cup after cup of coffee, tossed the kids Pop-Tarts® straight from the box, and crossed my fingers that my officemates won’t notice my questionable hygiene. My eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep and I’m pretty sure the state of my kitchen is illegal in at least 27 states. Maybe more. 

I can’t put down your books.

It started innocently enough when Nik turned me on to a couple of your New Doctor Who Adventures novels. I tore through The Also People in a few days, completely swept away by the story. I was less successful with Transit, although no fault of yours – I’ve misplaced it more times than I can count. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, is kind of odd. 

But it’s your Peter Grant series, dude, that’s totally done me in.

Did I mention I can’t stop reading them? The only reason I’m even able to write this post is because I dragged myself away from Whispers Under Ground and into the office, where even now, I can’t get Whispers out of my head.

For those of you who haven’t yet read Aaronovitch’s completely addictive series - Rivers of London(1), Moon Over Soho, Whispers Under Ground, and just out last month, Broken Homes (2) - Nik’s posted his reviews of the first two here: River of London & Moon Over Soho

The series is based in London and features Police Constable Peter Grant(3), who works for a branch of the Metropolitan Police that handles unusual cases. Unusual as in paranormal and supernatural.(4) Like river gods and goddesses, jazz vampires, angry ghosts, and truly gruesome monsters who do truly gruesome things. Where magic’s made a comeback, both the good kind and the bad.

Aaronovitch’s style is light and funny and witty: think Doug Adams or Jasper Fforde or David Wong (without all the bad words). He doesn’t dwell and the stories move fast, but there’s always enough detail to complete the picture. I’m absolutely addicted.

And if this wasn’t bad enough, I’ve just learned from Ben's blog (Temporarily Significant) that:
(a) Rivers of London has been optioned for TV (no dates yet); and 
(b) Ben’s working on Peter Grant #5!
 I might never leave my home again.

(1) Released as Midnight Riot in the US. Because, ummm, why?

(2) I’m horrified to discover that it won’t be released in North America until next February, no doubt to leave time to think up a suitable title for the New World. Something with guns and cowboy boots, perhaps. Must sweet talk Nik into bringing me over a copy.

(3) Constable is the starting rank for police officers in the UK. It seems a bit redundant to prefix “constable” with the work “police”  - like calling an Army officer “Army Lieutenant” instead of just Lieutenant, or calling a fireman “Fireman Captain” – but I suppose it helps to differentiate from all the other types of constables running around over there.

(4) Supernatural vs paranormal, what’s the diff? I’m glad you asked. I’ve wondered the same.

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