Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moon Over Soho

Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch
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Moon Over Soho is the sequel to Rivers of London, Ben Aaronvitch continuing his stories of magical policing in London. 

The book follows straight on seamlessly from the first, and nicely builds on the themes: Paul Grant's magical training continues; we learn more about his family and his father's passion for jazz; there's something stalking the streets doing eye-wateringly nasty things to ardent men; Grant has to deal with what happened to his partner in the first book; and by the end it's clear that the book is firmly part of an ongoing series. 

Perhaps because of this, I enjoyed it more than the first book (see "Rivers of London" for my review).

It's also a much more confident narrative. There's less of the enforced history lesson that slightly blighted Rivers of London.  In fact, although there's still a wealth of detail that pins the book very firmly in London Town, it's completely unobtrusive. There's a villain to be faced, as well as creatures created by dark magic (to coin a phrase), and a central mystery the resolution of which is perhaps a little too obvious; or perhaps I've just read too many mystery novels. The book also contains one of the best chase scenes that I've ever read, a real page-turner. 

So, my recommendation to buy the first one as a holiday read extends to the second. If possible, shop where Jay does to ensure the best price....  

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