Monday, February 10, 2014

More on judging a book by its cover: We need your help! #52Diet #Cooking

We need your help!

We’ve recently published our first book - yay! It’s not one of the almost half-dozen of novels we have in the works (see the sidebar to the right for progress on some of these), but a collection of breakfast recipes for followers of the 5:2 Diet, or anyone looking for low-calorie meal ideas. (See our announcement here: How to lose weight whilst drinking champagne and eating cakes.)

Formatting was a nightmare and we made our share of newbie e-publishing blunders, but we persevered, stumbling our way through the process, and ended up with something that reads well and looks okay.

Well, looks okay as long as you bypass the cover.

And therein lies the problem. Our cover is crap

But luckily, I had some time on my hands over winter break to consider alternate designs.  At the end of this post is an array of new cover concepts that we're considering. Some are professionally-designed (more on this experience in a future post) while others were put together with Gimp (and a healthy dose of cursing). Ignore the watermarks on the photos – once we select a final design we'll replace with high res.

Please use the voting buttons at the end of the post to select the design (or designs) that appeals most to you, and those that turn you off. For marketing purposes, please indicate which Amazon you shop at most regularly. If you have any suggestions or other thoughts to share, please leave a comment.

Thank you and happy voting!

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