Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Blarney Stone Blog - 2013's Top Five

Our year in review, courtesy of
While Nik and I aren't the most consistent of bloggers, we published 35 posts this year (36 with this one), not counting the ones we mothballed during spring cleaning. So an average of 3 posts per month - not bad, really, for casual bloggers, both with full-time jobs, and working in the off-hours on multiple works of fiction and non-fiction. One of which we've actually published this year! - see How to lose weight whilst drinking champagne and eating cakes

Like most blogs, some posts get insane amounts of views while others fizzle out quickly. Summing up the year, here's what's floated to the top:

1. I sent my kid to school naked - A humorous look at writing mishaps that has absolutely nothing to do with real-live naked people, online casino gambling, or get-rich-quick schemes, despite the best attempts by spammers worldwide.

2. Nominative and accusative. Damn me, Ben Aaronovitch - Grammar mishaps in Aaronovitch's Peter Grant Series. My favorite comment by author Andi-Roo at TheWorldForRealz:
I love this! Other people's bad writing makes me feel superior. Now if I could just get my arse in gear, I'm guaranteed a place in publishing.
3.  A thousand words is worth not having to draw a picture: A short review of a 14-page user manual for noise-cancelling headphones. (SPOILER ALERT: Put over ears. Plug in.)

4. The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cover: How an awesome book title can really rope one in. And as a bonus, how to work the phrase "fantastical pastiche" into everyday conversation.

5. The breastfeeder's guide to management: Weird stuff I found while cleaning my bookshelves. Up for grabs still if anyone's interested...

Okay, then. Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to all of our readers, past and future.

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